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SC Nduna

Medium Maturing Hybrid
SC Nduna


High yielding, stable with excellent agronomic and baking qualities.


  • Chief of all varieties - white grained high yield and widely adaptable
  • Yields of up to 11 tonnes/Ha have been achieved
  • Takes 137 days to reach physiological maturity
  • Good milling and baking properties (protein content above 12% , falling numbers above 363 seconds and test density of above 79 kg/hl
  • Resistant to lodging-excellent standability
  • Best yielder with late plantings
  • Medium – Late maturing
  • Medium plant stature
  • White grained
  • Shows slow rusting characteristics. Fairly tolerant to powdery mildews

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Seed Co has provided us with a stable market and technical support during the season.

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