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SC 403

Very Early Maturing Hybrid
SC 403


Heat and drought stress tolerant hybrid. Excellent tolerance to Maize Streak and Mottle Viruses. Wide adaptation.


  • SC 403 is a very early maturing white grained hybrid.
  • Takes 119-127 days to reach physiological maturity at 1300 metres above sea level. 
  • Stable across regions and seasons. Heat and drought stress tolerant hybrid with very good synchronization of silks with pollen.
  • Farmers' choice for low rainfall and marginal areas.  Has a yield potential of up to 9 t/Ha.
  • A good sizeable cob and a high shelling out percentage of up to 80%; are the yield components.
  • Outstanding tolerance to Maize Streak and Mottle Viruses. Tolerant to other major maize diseases such as Blights. Moderate tolerance to Grey Leaf Spot.
  • Average stalk height is  2.6m with a cob placement of 1.4m. The average cob placement confers excellent standability.
  • Can stand plant population densities of up to 60 000 plants per Ha.
  • Semi-flint grain type with a medium dry down rate of 1.5% moisture loss per week after physiological maturity. 
  • It is an excellent short season option for green mealie.
  • It is also recommended for irrigated winter production.
  • An early, Maize Streak Virus tolerant hybrid is ideal for green mealies.

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