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SC 303

Ultra-early Maturing Hybrid
SC 303


Excellent milling and baking wheat variety for gristling purposes.


  • The earliest maturing and high yielding hybrid in sub-saharan Africa today. Reaches physiological maturity in <100 days at 1300 meters above sea level.
  • Agronomically close to SC301 but bestows significant ultra-early maturity (<100 days).
  • Has high yield potential of up to 10 t/ha at 53000 plants per ha
  • Excellent heat and drought stress tolerance with an excellent drought escape characteristic as well.
  • Semi-flint white maize hybrid
  • Good Maize Streak Virus, Phaeosphaeria Leaf  Spot and Grey Leaf Spot disease tolerance
  • Average plant height of 2.07m with a cob placement of 0.89m aiding excellent standability at population densities of up to 72 000 plants per Ha.
  • Good cob rot tolerance
  • Ideal for marginal areas in Zimbabwe (regions IV and V). Also adaptable for multiple plantings per year in the lowvelds (with irrigation) and for very late plantings in the highvelds.

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