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SC 301

Ultra-early Maturing Hybrid
SC 301


Heat and drought stress tolerant hybrid. Ultra-earliness confers early maturity superiority. 



  • An ultra-early, 3 months to maturity, maize hybrid with high yield potential that is comparable to the SC 403.
  • It confers significant early maturity superiority (<110 days to reach physiological maturity at 1300 metres above sea level).
  • Excellent heat and drought stress tolerance characteristics making it suitable for areas with short rainfall seasons such as regions 4 and 5.
  • Excellent wide regional adaptation. An excellent alternative for small grain cereals such as sorghum and millet.
  • An elastic hybrid, in a poor season a decent yield is achievable and in a good season the variety has high yield potential of up to 10 t/ha at 53000 plants per ha.
  • Average plant height of about 2.2m and an average cob placement of 1.02m aiding excellent standability.
  • Good standability at high population densities of up to 72 000 plants per Ha.
  • Moderate tolerance to Maize Streak Virus, Phaeosphaeria Leaf  Spot and Grey Leaf Spot diseases
  • Hard dent grain texture
  • White grain colour
  • Excellent cob rot tolerance
  • A variety highly recommended for very low to low potential conditions - marginal rainfall areas of Zimbabwe in particular agro-ecological region IV and V
  • Suitable for very early or late planting in high potential areas

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