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SC 649

Medium Maturing Hybrid
SC 649


Medium maturing, high yielding and drought tolerant maize hybrid (135-145 days to maturity).


  • Medium maturing white maize hybrid (135-145 days to reach physiological maturity)
  • Highest yielder in Zimbabwe in the 600 series maturity group up to 16 t/ha.
  • Semi-dent grain texture
  • Excellent heat and drought tolerance
  • Wide adaptability and yield stability across environments.
  • Recommended for natural regions 1, 2, 3 and 4  in Zimbabwe
  • Excellent tolerance to Grey Leaf Spot disease
  • Moderate tolerance to Maize Streak Virus
  • A second choice silage contender (after SC719), because it has excellent standability, bulkish, leafy and a stay green character to aid/give a silage cutting window
  • Three yield components: high shelling out %, high row number (16-20 under good environments) and long cobs (up to 31.5cm)
  • Plant height 2.61 m and cob height 1.50 m. Good standability, can with stand population density of up to 60 000 plants/ha.

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