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SC 727

Late Maturing Hybrid
SC 727


Top late maturing, best yielder in Zimbabwe, well adapted and high yielding white maize hybrid (155-160 days to maturity).


  • Highest yielding conventional hybrid in Africa with some farmers hitting the 21t/Ha in the high potential/irrigated areas
  • Late maturing white maize hybrid (155-160 days).
  • Excellent heat and drought escape mechanisms. An elastic and widely adapted hybrid for both dryland and irrigated farming. Recommended for natural regions 1, 2 and 3  in Zimbabwe. 
  • Up to 85% shelling out percentage
  • Good resistance to Maize Streak Virus, Grey Leaf Spot, Phaesopheria Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Spot and Common Rust
  • Cylindrico-curved ear with dent grain texture. Medium dry down rate of 1.8% per week.
  • Plant height 2.7 and Cob Height 1.5
  • Good stand ability up to 53 000 plants/ha
  • Very long cob ≥ 32cm with up to 900 kernels per cob and very white grain
  • Three yield components: high shelling out % up to 85, high row number (18-20 under good environments) and long cobs (up to 33cm)
  • Excellent option for green mealies
  • An excellent product for silage because it has excellent standability, bulkish, leafy.
  • Has a good chaff: grain ratio-a measure of silage quality

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