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Kelvin Farm, Mr Booker Chinamasa, Field Day Headlands

Kelvin Farm (Field Day)
Thursday, March 15, 2018

In farming there are many sure ways to achieve low yields & hence reduce ones return on investment (loss). However there are only two ways to insure profitability & high return on investment in farming, the right choice of seed and good agronomic practices. Through field days SEED CO seeks to educate farmers on the high yielding varieties in their basket & to provide the best advice on the agronomy needed to ensure that the genetic potential in SEED CO varieties is unlocked.

Today SEED CO held a field day at Mr.  & Mrs. Booker  Chinamasa’s KELVIN FARM in Headlands Makoni district. The farmer Mr. Chinamasa has a well established SC 719 crop that wowed the crowd during the field tour. The field day was attended by over 350 farmers amongst them were commercial farmers, small scale farmers as well as 30 high school students from Yorkshire high school doing Agriculture. The highlight of the day was the field tour were the farmers got a chance to learn about the SEED CO varieties especially the SC 719 that the farmer had grown & other shorter season high yielding varieties like SC 633, SC 637 & SC 529.The farmer explained his crop management where he mentioned early land preparation (chisel plough), timeous fertilizer & agro chemical application especially control for fall army worm.

After the field tour, other stakeholders like Windmill and ZFC discussed products in their basket that can add value to the farmers’ enterprises. The SEED CO Head of Agronomy Mr. John Bhasera gave a polished speech on improving farming techniques through embracing new hybrid seeds as well as SEED CO competitions that include the 11 tonne club for commercial farmers, giving examples of the best two farmers (Mr. Ziki and Mr. Kudenga) who got yields as high as 21 tonnes with the SC 719 and SC 727 varieties. Crop & Livestock (Agritex) then gave tips on good agronomic practices especially on Fall Armyworm (FAW) control. The Federation of Young Farmers Association chairman Mr. Sewera  gave a speech that encouraged young people to copy what Mr. Chinamasa, a member of the young farmers federation had done. The Guest of honor Provincial Administrator Mr. Seenza gave a speech which highlighted the need to take farming as a business & to insure a high return on investment always.

The Long season variety SC719 has very high grain yield coupled with complementary traits that insure that the  grain yield is maintained. The grain yield is a component of 3 main traits which are (High shelling out %, High row number & long fat attractive cobs. The complementary traits include stability across environments, good standability owing to the central cob placement trait called the Ear Plant Ration EPR. The variety does not only have high grain yield, it is the BEST silage crop contender in the 7 series family because it is BULKY, LEAFY & has an excellent STAY GREEN character allowing for a longer silage cutting window. 

Written By: 
Wendy Matashu Madzura (Commercial Agronomist - Eastern Cluster)

We are encouraging women to engage into farming for the betterment of their lives.

Seed Co has provided us with a stable market and technical support during the season.

We received a planter, plough and harrow from Seed Co and this greatly improved our lives as communal farmers.