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Seed Co products are the end result of a long term scientific breeding programmes

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Our Story

Seed Co Zambia started off in 1997 as a local sales agent, with just 4 staff members housed by then Lonrho Ltd. Within 2 years Seed Co Zambia started producing seed locally of up to 400 MT of maize seed. In 2001, SeedCo acquired office property in Lusaka’s Industrial Area and by 2001 SeedCo’s production jumped to 2,500 MT. Other crops such as Soya beans, Sorghum, Sugar beans and Groundnuts were produced too. In 2003 SeedCo started exporting seed to the region.

In 2004 Seed Co moved office to Makeni area due to increased seed production. In 2005 seed production had reached 12,000MT due to increased local and export seed demand. By 2006, SeedCo seed production had reached 25,000 MT and SeedCo Zambia became a strategic seed reserve for the SeedCo group.

In 2011 Seed Co Zambia moved to the Business Complex, where a $7 million processing plant, comprising of a 20,000 MT capacity processing plant and administration block was built along Mumbwa Road in Lusaka. The complex also houses a laboratory for seed testing for moisture content, physical purity and member determination and germination of seed. Currently, Seed Co employs 215 employees.