SC 627

Medium Maturing Hybrid
SC 627


Grey Leaf Spot, Streak Tolerance , high yield  and Wide adaptability.


  • Medium  maturing,   white hybrid.                              
  • It is semi-flint medium maturity hybrid.                           
  • Good grain quality and high shelling percentage
  • Good tolerance to Grey leaf Spot and very good tolerance to Maize Streak Virus
  • 130-136 days to physiological maturity
  • Yield potential of up to 10 tons per hacter (40 x  100 kg per acre.)
  • Fairly prolific under favourable conditions
  • Good heat and drought tolerance - performing very well in hot irrigated areas.
  • Good yield stability and recommended over a wide range of yield levels
  • Tolerant to  Grey  Leaf Spot  and very good Maize Streak Virus tolerance.                                                                                                                                                 
  • Prefferd variety  in highland and medium altitude of Tanzania.