SC 719

Late Maturing Hybrid
SC 719


High grain yield and Silage yielder, Tolerant to Maize Streak Virus and grey leaf spot.


  • White grain with  semi  dent characteristic.
  • Late maturing variety  (135 - 150 days)                       
  • High yielder 12.5 - 14 tons per hacter(50 - 56 bags of 100 Kg per acre).
  • Tall and large plant structure, late maturity, excellent lodging tolerance, early vigor and high grain yield  makes it  an ideal choice for Sillage.                                                                     
  • Resistance to Grey Leaf Spot Maize Streak Viruses (MSV), Mottle Viruses.                                      
  • Outstanding tolerant to  Northern Corn Leaf Spot and Phaeosphaerial Leaf  Spot disease.                                                                                                                         
  • Excellent  resistance to both stalk and root lodging.
  • It is most preffered in highlands of Tanzania where there is enough moisture as well  as  hot irrigated areas of Tanzania like Dar Es Salaam, Ruvu etc due of its heat tolerance capabilities.