SC 513

Early Maturing Hybrid
SC 513


Combines  excellent yields and Grey Leaf Spot tolerance, wide adaptability.


  • Early maturing  white hybrid 125-130 days to physiological maturity
  • It is  high yielder  8.0 - 8.7   tons per hacter(32 -35 bags 0f 100 Kg per acre).   
  • Very seet in rosting hence good variety for green market.
  • Recommended  for  low to medium maize  potential areas where an early hybrids is required in the variety package.                                                                       
  • Good tolerance to Grey  Leaf Spot.
  • Recomendation spacing is (75 x 60) high plant population above of 44,000 plants/ha should be avoided  agaist root lodging.   
  • Good resistance  to foliar diseases.
  • Wide adaptability in Tanzania  and good heat and drought stress telerance.  
  • SC 513 is  perfect variety in Tanzania  in medium to low altitude which has enough moisture.