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How much fertilizer do I need to put in my field for Seed Co varieties?

Depends on target yield and soil fertility status. Clay soils are thirsty while sandy soils are hungry. The basic recommended levels are 200 kg basal D/C plus 200kgs urea per hectare Note that maize varieties respond positively to increased fertilizer and other crop management factors.

How many cobs does one kernel produce (giving specifications with varieties)?

All our current maize varieties produce a single cob, so one kernel will produce one cob.

What is the effect of applying insufficient fertilizer on Seed Co seed?

Insufficient fertilizer will give below potential grain yield.

When is it recommended to apply fertilizer?

Basal fertilizers do not move in the soil, while straight or top-dress fertilizer move in the soil. Most fertilizers are water soluble. Basal fertilizers are better applied to a soil depth where the crop roots will reach it. Basal fertiliser is applied at the time of planting and top dressing fertiliser after 4-6 weeks of germination.

What are the estimated yields for SeedCo varieties in 50kg bags?

Potential grain yields will depend on variety, environment and management factors. Early maturing varieties have a short grain filling period and have a lower yield potential. The progression is from early to late (hare, monkey, zebra, lion, elephant). The late varieties have a higher grain feeling period and tend to yield higher.

Can a farmer plant left-over hybrid seed to plant the next season?

Left-over hybrid seed is what is referred to as re-cycled seed. This has detrimental effect on the next crop yield because some plants will have self-pollinated and will result in small plant progenies (offspring) in the next generation which will give small cobs and reduce the grain yield potential.

How many times is a farmer supposed to weed his field?

As much as there are weeds because weeds will compete with the crop for fertilizer, space, light and other factors required for good crop growth and optimum grain production.

How many seeds of SeedCo varieties is a farmer supposed to put per station?

It is ideal to plant one seed per planting station to reduce plant competition for nutrients, space and light.

Is it wrong to mix D compound and urea when applying on a plant?

It is detrimental because D compound is required by the plant during early growth stage for total plant establishment relative to urea which is required for the reproductive stage for grain filling support.

Are SeedCo varieties graded?

Yes! Our varieties are graded to provide clients with desired quality.

What spacing should be left between station when planting Seed Co seed?

The seed spacing between stations depends on the desired final plant stand by the farmer. 25 cm will give about 50,000 plants per hectare while 30 cm will give about 44,000 plants per hectare. Spacing between plants will also depend on how much fertilizer the farmer will provide to the crop to take care of competition for food nutrients.

How do I care for my soya beans after planting?

Soya beans are particularly sensitive to weed competition during the first six weeks of the season. Control weeds adequately during this period.

Soya beans are also very susceptible to drought during the pod- filling stage. This is identified when the pods on the upper nodes of the main stems are 2 cm long and the small seeds are visible in the pods. If possible, irrigate the land as it can produce large yield increase.  Scout for semi looper caterpillars (these are controlled by an insecticide spray in severe cases) and rust in the crop (apply fungicide for rust at flowering stage).