Seed Co products are the end result of a long term scientific breeding programmes

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Do I just buy seed and be assured of good harvest?

No, you need other inputs as well because the genetic potential of Seed Co hybrid seed can only be fully expressed under good agronomic practices (GAPs). The combination of quality seed and GAPs is the guarantee of a bumper harvest.

Can I plant Seed Co Seed without treating it?

No, the seed has been treated against some soil fungal and virus infections and pest attack for good establishment of your crop and as such it is ready for planting. However, if you have history or case(s) of soil insect and pest control problems you can contact Seed Co.

Can I plant grain from my last Seed Co bumper harvest?

NO, the grain harvested is meant for consumption and commercial purpose. Re-planting the grain will amount to drastic reduction in yield due to segregation and huge losses. Always buy Seed Co certified seeds to plant.

How much quantity of maize seeds do I require to plant a hectare?

The required quantity of seed for a hectare is 25kg

How many plants are expected per hectare?

By maintaining 75 cm X 25 cm interrow and intra spacing, an average of 53,333 plants can be obtained.  You shall be advised of variety(ies) of Seed Co Seed that the population can be upped to maximize output when you contact Seed Co.

Are there varieties that can be planted in a Striga infested field?

Yes, you no longer have to abandon your farms because of striga. We recommend our SC 651 variety which is a striga tolerant and high yielding variety bred for this singular purpose.

Can I reduce the quantity of fertilizer since I use poultry manure?

No, it is advised that you follow the Seed Co fertilizer recommendation, however soil analysis will best determine the fertilizer need of your field and the nutrient mix to adopt.

What are hybrids and are they better?

Hybrid seeds are products of a cross from two or more predetermined parent lines. They have been bred to yield higher in productivity, tolerant to pests, diseases and environmental stresses such as drought, heat, striga.

Are hybrids GMO?

They are not GMOs and are safe for consumption after harvest.