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SC Duma 43 (SC 403)

Very Early Maturing Hybrid
SC Duma 43 (SC 403)


Very Early, Drought resilient variety with wide adaptability scope.


Duma is the Swahili name for cheetah and just like the cheetah, Duma 43 is known for its speed.  It is a very early maturing maize hybrid. SC Duma 43 is in the 400 series and is a heat and drought tolerant hybrid. It has high shelling percentage with hard dent grain texture and a good disease tolerant package. It has very white grain color with excellent cob rot tolerance. This variety is good for inter-cropping regimes. It matures between 85-90 days. Expected yield per acre is 30-32 bags (90kg) per acre with good agronomy practices.