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SC Simba 61 (SC 627)

Medium Maturing Hybrid
SC Simba 61 (SC 627)


A White Hybrid maize variety with good poundability traits combined with good plant height, a characteristic that mitigates against lodging a testament of good yield output of 40-44 bags per acre(90kg) under good agronomy with a maturity range of 4-4.5 Months.


Lions are symbols of strength and courage. The phrase 'king of the jungle' is coined because of these characteristics. Similarly, our Simba 61 emulates these characteristics. It has good MSV (Maize Streak Virus) tolerance with good shelling percentage and excellent GLS (Gray Leaf Spot)   percentage. It has good sustainability with up to 50,000 plants per hectares. Simba 61 has excellent grain quality and good tip cover with a maturity of 125-135 days. Yield is 40-45 bags (90kg) expected with good agronomical practices.