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Seed Co products are the end result of a long term scientific breeding programmes

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Our Story

As part of the Seed Co group driven by the motivation of seeding and feeding Africa, we owe it to our customers who have been very valuable partners. With leadership in research and go to market, we have constantly offered innovative solutions to solve farmer problems. Changing lives has been our main stay & our Portfolio is a true reflection of this drive. Commercially trading as Agri Seed Co Limited in Kenya, our drive remains offering Kenyan farmer’s quality climate smart seed varieties that play a key role in changing lives within the ever volatile climate patterns in Kenya and the region. This is embedded in our   research pipeline of hybrid maize, soya and vegetables

Worried about climate volatility? – Seedco offers climate smart solutions!

Changing and unpredictable Weather has made Kenyan maize farmers a worried lot and this puts in jeopardy their chance of having good results from their farms. We have provided a solution for this with SC Sungura 301, the newly released ultra-early maize variety that withstand high heat and water stress environments with 70-80 days to maturity and a harvest of 30-32 bags per acre under good agricultural practice…This climate smart variety can only be described as a non -rivalled revolution in the farming space

SC Duma 43 with its sweetness and quick maturity has left sweet testimonies on the tongues of farmers who hitherto were struggling in dry areas. Since the launch of SC Duma 43 in the lower eastern bloc, what was regular relief food support for the region are rare, if not non-existent.

In medium altitude areas where we have lately seen heavy swings in precipitation patterns, our SC Punda milia 53, SC Simba 61 have over years shown leadership with robust yields and tolerance to a bouquet of diseases. Excellent pre-harvest characteristics like non-lodging in heavy wind prone areas, V- shaped leaves format good to allow intercropping and excellent cob tips-cover to avoid rotting whenever there is rain during tail end of season.  Post-harvest qualities make these varieties a big attraction to many growers both large and small scale across the Kenyan and East African farmer landscape.

A new release in this medium altitude space, the robust and highyielding SC Punda Milia 529 has shown excellent stability across zones and farmers who have interacted with this variety have come back yarning for more to cover bigger acreage. It`s a combo of both what a farmer would look for in a seed variety both pre and Post-harvest qualities and characteristics. Looking for yields or excellent storage characteristics-This variety is a selection no farmer would want to ignore.

In the highlands, SC Twiga 81 and SC Tembo 73 have proved able to sufficiently meet grower needs. With outstanding yields of over 53-55 bags/acre under good agronomic practices, their maturity fits within the ever swinging needs of the highlands and are both excellent for machine and hand harvesting.

SC Twiga 83 for the highlands of E.A has exhibited good stand ability and excellent yields of between 55 bags-58 bags with maturity period that positions it to escape the ravages of weather that is evident in the highlands of East Africa lately. 

Our Maize portfolio have changed lives and improved household economies.

We have made farmers embrace prism view in farming!

MNLD is lately the biggest worry of every maize grower in Kenya and the East African region and many scientists have recommended various solutions. Crop rotation is a key component alongside various recommendations. Farmers would always like to rotate with a high economically viable crop…Soybeans. With the largest breeding program Africa, we are proud of our rust tolerant varieties SC Saga and SC Salama whose advantages are myriad…Soil fertility improvement, domestic use, highly nutritious from its milk to its adored mixture food like githeri… Kenyan delicacy when done as a combo but also is a crop whose produce- industrialists offer good prices and you will never run short of market for your harvest at competitive prices.