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SC 608 (Yellow)

Medium Maturing Hybrid
SC 608 (Yellow)


Medium maturing, high yielding and drought tolerant yellow maize hybrid (135-148 days to maturity).


  • Medium maturity yellow maize hybrid
  • High yield potential of up to 14t/ha
  • Reaches physiological maturity in 135- 148 days.
  • Farmer's choice for livestock feeds and green mealie production as well as yellow grain.
  • Good heat and drought tolerance aiding wide adaptation.
  • Moderate MSV tolerance
  • Good GLS tolerance and cob disease.
  • Thick cob with dent grain texture
  • Very good standability
  • Can stand population density of up to 60 000 plants per hectare
  • Good for green mealies and silage

Small scale farmer who has improved his livelihood by planting SC506 and SC513.


Commercial farmer making a living from SC 506 .

A small-scale youth farmer producing SC 506 and roasting it on the street to make a living.