Seed Co products are the end result of a long term scientific breeding programmes

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Where can one  get Seed Co maize hybrid seeds?

There are 29 agents distributors registered with SeedCo countrywide in all Districts that sell certified SeedCo maize hybrid seeds.

What is the meaning of animal icons on Seed Co seed packaging materials?

SeedCo has 5 different maize hybrid seed maturity groups. these maturity levels are symbolised by animal icons on different varieties.

  • Rabbit: this shows the Ultra Early Maturing Variety in the 3 series range
  • Monkey: this shows the Very Early Maturing Variety in the 4 series range
  • Zebra : this shows the Early Maturing Variety in the 5 series range
  • Lion: this shows the Medium Maturing Variety in the 6 series range
  • Elephant:  this shows the Late  Maturing Variety in the 7 series range

Small scale farmer who has improved his livelihood by planting SC506 and SC513.


Commercial farmer making a living from SC 506 .

A small-scale youth farmer producing SC 506 and roasting it on the street to make a living.