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Seed Co products are the end result of a long term scientific breeding programmes

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Seed Co Pty Ltd has been in Botswana for 17 years. We are committed to enhancing the productivity of farmers. This is primarily achieved through the provision of quality seed of the best food crop varieties suited to each agro-ecological environment in various parts of Botswana. Some of our varieties include white maize which consist of different varieties such as very SC 301, SC403, and SC411. We also have yellow maize which includes SC 506, SC 602 and SC 608. SC 301 is our new variety which is classified as an ultra-early maturing variety as it takes two and a half months to mature. Its produce ranges from two to five tons per hector. This variety is good for green mealies product as it has a medium grain drying rate. It is not prone to maize diseases and it can survive in high climatic conditions. However, the right crop variety and certified seed are only two parts of the farmer's strategy to be productive.

Small scale farmer who has improved his livelihood by planting SC506 and SC513.


Commercial farmer making a living from SC 506 .

A small-scale youth farmer producing SC 506 and roasting it on the street to make a living.