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Anchor Farmer Launch

Anchor Farmer Launch
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

As the farming season begun, as Seed Co we launched an Anchor Farmer program at our offices in Mount Hampden at Stapleford. The purpose of this gathering was to recognise the farmers as the pace setters and Seed Co area ambassadors in the communities they reside. As Seed Co we seek to complement government efforts in supporting the farmers with technical support. Enhance food self-sufficiency in communities by creating learning centres at the Anchor Farmers’ homestead where farmers will learn to be productive and lastly to pro-actively stimulate the use of hybrid seed (Seed Co varieties) with the accent of taking farming as a business.

The core traits of an Anchor Farmer that Seed Co looked for as they launched the program were people who embody the values, the character and the overall image inherent to the Seed Co brand (successful farmer with Seed Co products.) The anchor farmer needs to stir up thoughts associated with owning the product in the community. Furthermore, the anchor farmer leads the farmers surrounding him not only to buying the Seed Co products but also to their self-fulfillment associated with using the Seed Co varieties.

 In his speech at the official launch Mr D Zaranyika, Zimbabwe’s MD noted that anchor farmers should become experts in speaking for and on behalf of Seed Co products. They need to develop a good image and perception towards Seed Co events so they can be the front people to talk to other farmers.  He further alluded that it is imperative that farmers have a passion for building and growing relationships that foster strong, loyal relationships between Seed Co Farmers and Seed Co brand. Anchor Farmers should not only be passionate about Seed Co brand and intimately familiar with Seed Co products or services, they should be skilled at making deep connections with others on the company’s behalf. Lastly, he emphasised on a high level of professionalism, since these people will be representing the Seed Co Brand, therefore the farmers must uphold a high level of professionalism, failure to do this the relationship will be terminated.

Farmers who attended the launch were selected from all the various provinces across Zimbabwe to become the pioneers of this great initiative. At the event, each farmer received gate signage, human branding (farmer and spouse), quality demo (with relevant varieties for the area), variety signage (erected on demo – learning center for the community), product brochures, cellphones, branded stationery (Pad, Pen, Calendars Clip board) and a rain gauge as a starter package.

We are encouraging women to engage into farming for the betterment of their lives.

Seed Co has provided us with a stable market and technical support during the season.

We received a planter, plough and harrow from Seed Co and this greatly improved our lives as communal farmers.