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“Agriculture is not glamourous”

Research Team
Monday, February 5, 2018

The common misconception surrounding farming especially among youths in our nation. With agriculture fast becoming the largest employment sector in Zimbabwe & a lifeline for many, surely glamour is the last thing that should be dominating our minds when it comes to agriculture, right?

Despite challenges that young people pursuing agriculture that face including lack of finances and resources, inability to access credit and information that will help in achieving a successful career in agriculture, it is our mandate this month to celebrate youths in agriculture & to encourage those with the desire to pursue agriculture.

In line with our theme for this month we are celebrating our young & vibrant researchers team at Seed Co. They are working hard in the field of agricultural and development science attempt to develop effective, safe and environmentally sustainable techniques crop maintenance and harvesting crops. Specialty areas for us at Seed Co are plant breeding, plant pathology, agronomy, bioscience and soil science. Our team generally works full-time in office or laboratory environments, though sometimes they must venture out into the field. The job pays a higher-than-average salary, but can also have lengthy educational requirements

We trust you are challenged & inspired to make a difference in your community, if you have any questions lets have a conversation in the comments section. 

Its your time! #SeedCoYouths

We are encouraging women to engage into farming for the betterment of their lives.

Seed Co has provided us with a stable market and technical support during the season.

We received a planter, plough and harrow from Seed Co and this greatly improved our lives as communal farmers.